Planning Your Shoot

Wear: Feel free to bring your favorite cloths. Where possible avoid wearing white and shirts with busy designs or loud patterns.

Make Up & Hair: Let us know in advance if you would like us to organize a professional hair & make up artists for your shoot. Feel free to also make your own arrangements.


Payment or according agreement part of payment can be made by either cash on the day of the shoot, or by sending cheque/ electronic fund transfer 3 days prior to your shoot date. We will need to receive payment in full before we can release your images.


 For images to be used for Modeling and Self Promotion.                        You are free  to print multiple copies from your image files as well as send agent who is welcome to use them for composite cards and the agency website. If these images are intended for advertising products and services you will need to inform us before hand so as we can negotiate the appropriate rate. Under Australian copyright law it is standard practice that the actual rights of these images belong to the photographer and may on occasion be used as samples of the photographers work in their portfolio. Please also inform us beforehand should you wish to organize a buyout of your images.

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